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From podcasts to streaming audio; from search to display,
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Podcast Advertising

We have access to the most popular (and yet to be popular) podcasts in Canada.

Digital Display

SPARK interfaces with Canadian private marketplaces for short run and extended campaigns.

Streaming Audio

Canada’s widest range of streaming audio solutions, including music and drama.

Connected Television

Tap into the power of today’s connected audience for sports and other programming.

Let Spark Audience Platform light up your next campaign

Programmatic campaigns have risen to great heights because of strongly differentiated audience technology.

Audiences can be complicated. But with SPARK Audience Platform, they don’t have to be. Whether your’re running a streaming audio, podcast, digital video, search or digital display campaign, SPARK can hone in on your most desirable audience and connect with them where it matters most: across a range of screens.

This is but one of the reasons why SPARK has grown so rapidly. The rise of smart speakers combined with the realization that podcasts are a superior medium for many demographics, have made audience-first buying a priority with campaign planners from coast to Canadian coast. That’s where SPARK shines: we cover the gaps that can be difficult with a single-source solution.

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